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Mephisto Pheles x Blind!Male!Reader -RQ-
Warning: Some strong language.
You traced your fingers over the thick paper in front of you, reading the history of (favorite subject) by the dots on the paper. Learning braille hadn't been easy for you at first, but you'd eventually gotten used to it. After all, you'd been born blind and you couldn't exactly change that.
Your sensitive hearing picked up on the sound of footsteps approaching you. You frowned and paused in your reading. Hearing people didn't usually bother you, but this one was a lot quieter than you were used to. Children were loud, and teenagers rarely bothered you when they realized you were blind. Adults, on the other hand, tried to offer you help, which bothered you to no end. You didn't need help often, so the offers were more of an annoyance to anything.
The footsteps paused, and a barely noticeable burst of air brushing your cheek served to alert you of their motion.
“Do you mind if I sit with you?” a quiet, male voice asked. If you hadn't hea
:iconshadowsbyday:ShadowsByDay 277 60
human!ink!sans :iconkawaiinekois:KawaiiNekois 7 0 Family Photo :iconthe13th-warrior:The13th-Warrior 176 35 I'm Back.. :icondatnekoashe:DatNekoAshe 72 6
Obsessive!Rip van winkle x male!reader Lemon
<(Y/N) p.o.v.>
I was walking through the halls of the airship with the Doctor.
He told me the major wanted to see me.
The door opened.
"You called for me sir" I said.
"Yes I did, you are aware of first Lieutenant Rip van Winkle correct" The Major said.
"I am sir" I said.
"Well she has become a bit....obsessive over you" The Major said.
"Might I ask how sir" (Y/N) asked.
The Major turned on the screens.
It was Rip van Winkle, she was making something out of a thread and needle.
"Ahh, all done....." She said.
She was holding a body pillow of......ME!!!!
The picture on it was me without my shirt, she was hugging it like if she was holding a giant teddy bear.
"Oh (Y/N), my sweet (Y/N)" She said hugging the pillow.
My body shook.
"Are you alright (Y/N)" The doctor said.
"I'm.....fine....I just need to.....go now" I said.
The door opened again.
It was Rip van Winkle herself.
"Good Morning (Y/N), how are you" She said.
I just walked past.
<Rip van Winkle p.o.v.>
(Y/N) just walked
:iconzerostion:Zerostion 3 0
Consequences of Hair Curl Rape
Warning: Contains spanking of a cute Nation.
"Fratelloooo!" Italy cried out, struggling to escape from Romano's grasp.
"Hush." Romano growled at his brother.
"S-stop! Pleeeeaaaase!!!"
"Shut up."
Romano was currently sucking and chewing on Italy's hair curl, and Italy was making too much noise!
"R-romano." the younger man whispered painfully. He was suddenly grabbed and put on his feet when he opened his eyes.
He saw a pretty pissed off Germany and immediatly covered his bottom with both hands, tears streaming down his face.
"G-germany..." Italy tried to explain what had happened with out getting Romano in trouble, but Germany had witnessed enough to know what had happened.
"Romano!" Germany growled.
"What do you want Potato Eater?" Romano asked, leaning against the back of the tomato shed. Germany nearly ripped his belt from his waist and grabbed Romano's wrist who at thi point, had realized what was happening and tried to make a run for it.
"Aah! You can't do this you stupid-" he was
:iconcp-believer:CP-Believer 26 11
Swarm v4 -FINALref- :icontheblackbutterfly:theblackbutterfly 255 70
Hetalia~How To Create Your Own Country/Nation
Creating a country has very strict things you need to follow,this is for people who like Hetalia and what to create their own country for their own specific reasons.
-Your country's allies? Enemies?
*NOTE: Why did I put enemies? Because not everyone is going to like you. Simple as that.*
-When was your country founded?: (year)
*NOTE: Don't just choose a random year,look up the years of the world that you find best.*
-Your country's Geography: (continent/place/area)
*NOTE: I recommend not putting it on a different planet but maybe a dead volcano island or just a un-inhabited island,or you're a alien Hetalia oc,I suppose and that would mean only America would be able to talk to you,your choice.*
-Your country's climate?
*NOTE: It could be anything.....*
-What is your country's main (religion/language/manufactured item)
*NOTE: With religion,it can be anything your little soul desires.You can make up your own language,you're just go
:iconthebloodink:TheBloodInk 18 85
APH Human Names
Mixture of fanon, canon, and the names I personally use!
America: Alfred F. Jones
Argentina: Andres Garcia
Australia: Logan Kirkland
Austira: Roderich Edelstein
Belarus: Natalia Arlovskaya
Belgium: Bella Maes
Bulgaria: Milen Hinova
Brazil: Faustina Esteves
Canada: Matthew Williams
Cameroon: Roshaun Aboya Jamar
China: Yao Wang
Cuba: Ricardo Cruz
Denmark: Mathias K°hler
Egypt: Gupta Muhammad Hassan
El Salvador: Alicia Sanchez
England: Arthur Kirkland
Estonia: Eduard von Bock
Finland: Tino Vainamoinen
France: Francis Bonnefoy
Germania: Folkert Beilschmidt
Ludwig: ‬Ludwig Beilschmidt
Greece: ‬Heracles Karpusi
Hutt River: Dwight Kirkland
Holland/Netherlands: ‬Herman Maes
Hong Kong: Li Xiao Chun
Hungary: Elizaveta Hedervary
Iceland: Emil Steillson
India: Neeraja Patel
Israel: Navah Azulai
Kugelmugel: Hubert Edelstein
Japan: Kiku Honda
Kenya: Radhi Abasi
Ladonia: Erland Oxenstierna
Latvia: ‬Raivis Galante
Liechtenstein: Lilli Zwingli
Lithuania: ‬Toris Lorinaitis
:icongilbugpls:gilbugpls 464 155
Coraline Dreaming lyrics
Sailing thunder, misty morning
Speaking, telling, singing strange story
Listen to my messenger
Dreaming, dreaming, dreaming of another world
Dreaming, dreaming, dreaming of another world
Dreaming, freezing, (so festive) turning upside down the world
Freezing, drawing (like a jester) dream on as the story turns
(Any day, anyway, I may come to you You know I love you, so you love me too)
Every every star now looks down anyone and more Many many stories are told, raindrops on the floor Someone knows all better than you Don't go through the door  
(humming part)
:iconanatahana:AnataHana 25 19
Are you my sorella (2p!Fem!Italy x child reader) 1
Are you my sorella (2p!Fem!Italy x child reader) prologue  with a guest .....:drummer: drum roll plz Little drummer emote ..... Flavia vargas.
part1 ( Numbers ) you are here
  Lucinia's p.o.v
 I was about to knock on the door when the door slams open and i see my sister with a stern face.
"Lucia WHERE WHERE YOU!" she yells then her eyes land on [y/n].She releases a sigh rubbing her temples.
"did you take our 1p's sorellina!?" i push her to the side entering the house.she slams the door cloose as i shush her.
" Why did you take our 1p's sorellina! I know ours died but come on Lucia there is n-" I slap her as she fell to the ground holding her cheek.
:iconnekolover9124:Nekolover9124 5 1
Are you my sorella (2p!Fem!Italy x child reader)
 Luciana's p.o.v [OH YOU KNOW who she is]
  Walking down the street i went to the hotel my 1p lives.My heart was shattered into a million pieces. Keeping me from crying is what my 1p had of what i lost just a few days ago.Slowly opening the door to her house I slide in going to the little girls room.
"WHO'S THERE!" I heard my 1p yell out loud when she spotted me she froze from fear. I would have chuckled but right now i had to do something.
"Sorella shut up you don't want to wake he- Now what the fuck are you doing here cagna" she froze her eyes wide open her hair everywhere and carrying a tomato plushy looking pretty pissed off.
"well did you hear of what happened to m sis?" I ask smirking lightly.
"ve~ i remember she died from a car crash,right?" Felicia says with her normal face.I nod when Lovinia pushed me from the door i landed on the floor with an 'oof'.I growl standing up again.
" non si puo avere lei e mia cazzo cagna
:iconnekolover9124:Nekolover9124 8 7
2p!Fem!Germany x Reader: That's...Incredible
If there is one thing to describe Liesel Beilschmidt, it's that she's a big pervert. The fact that you have a crush on the perverted German woman amazes you as much as the thought of Emily being an obedient woman and eating Olivia's cupcakes when she asks her to, and being close friendly siblings with Marguerite. You have known Liesel since you have became best friends with her sister Maria, that being 6 years ago. Maria has warned you beforehand once that Liesel is a biggest pervert, and to blame for that would fall to Junko, and her twin Kuro. Well, your albino friend was absolutely right about her little sister being a big pervert, and you rather not go into details of what you saw around Liesel's territory in the house when Maria first introduced you to her in her humble abode.
Though, despite the fact that she's an absolute pervert, you became friends with Liesel. And along the way through friendship, you had started to develop feelings for the blonde-haired woman. It was then you
:iconroyalchrysanths:royalchrysanths 43 3
2p! Germany x Reader: Stitches
    "Quit moving."
    "It hurts!"
    "I said quit moving!" You barked. You were stitching up your German boyfriend's cheek. This was the billionth time in the two years you two were together that you had to stitch up another wound he got from Luciano. And the reason why he got them was stupid. For example, Lutz called him a 'pasta loving mobster' and nearly killed him for it. Stupid shit like that.
    "What'd you say this time, Mr. Smart-mouth?"
    Lutz jerked back as you applied force to his skin and said, "Nothin'. I've always told you that Luciano has anger issues but no, you don't wanna believe me." Your eyebrow arched in disbelief.
    "You said something stupid, didn't you?" You said, cutting off the thread. Lutz smirked up at you and pulled you into his lap.
    "Of course not."  
    "That's a
:iconv0ez:v0ez 717 95
Don't be a Lazybones! (A Skeleton OC Cliche Guide)
So you want to make a skeleton for Undertale do you? Need some tips on how to make them stand out among the gigantic bag of bones? Well before you proceed through the guide, ask yourself this...: "Do I really, REALLY need a skeleton character?"
If the answer is yes then you may proceed.
As most of us are likely aware of by now, the Undertale fandom is practically overflowing with skeleton OCs, hence why this is a guide dedicated to just skeletons. Unfortunately, majority of these skeletons are literally just Sans ripoffs (and on occasion, Papyrus ripoffs) with no real purpose other than poor quality romantic plot devices for people's personal indulgence. You don't want to be Sans ripoff #9001, do you? Then here is the biggest and possibly the most important tip I can offer you.
Now that that's out of the way, shall we move on to clichés to avoid? Great.
Ah yes, clichés. Often the
:iconkziira:Kziira 139 144
2P Canada x Kitsune! Reader: Pancake Treats (RQ)
“But MMAAATTTT!” You whined looking at the Canadian man that stood in front of you. “Why can’t I come with you?”
“We’ve been over this, ______.” He looked at you standing in front of him. “Your tail and ears are a dead giveaway for hunters to spot you.” You frowned as you knew he was right. “I won’t be long and I’ll take you out tonight alright?”
You smiled nodding as he kissed your forehead before turning and left the cabin you both shared. You watched as your boyfriend walked out into the wooded area as you sat on the couch by the window. You sighed as you looked around trying to find something to do. You could try baking something. You always enjoyed baking and you could make something for Matt when he got back. You thought of something new you could give a try. Matt liked pancakes. You could start from that. You ran into the kitchen taking out a bowl and pancake mix. You made the mix but now what? Y
:iconmad-mocha:Mad-Mocha 343 78



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